Your Shoes Are Made of Plastic Here’s Why?


Do you know that your Shoes are made From Recycled Plastic?

Recycled shoes act as a sustainable factor in contributing significantly to the economy at large. The concept of using tons of plastics is breeding the latest value of creativity and supporting the rightful use of plastic in the coming years. They play a very vital role in adding importance to your personality. Therefore, in order to enhance a complete dapper look, check out for luxury shoes online India.

Shoes made of plastic with relevant criterion and features

These shoes are super comfortable and highly relaxing – you will enjoy every wear. These quirky pairs are the bandwagon to start and make the trend of such classic and sustainable shoes. They do not produce or release any harmful vibes while wearing – completely natural and satisfying. Recycled shoes are made out of polyester, also known as PET- a popular element found in plastics or plastic bottles.

Collection, segregation, and clearance of plastics

The agency is hired to collect plastic waste near the shores and beaches. These plastics once collected are then sent collectively to the recycling center – a place where all the plastic material is deeply scrutinized, analyzing its effects and useful years at large.

Sorted with the purpose of infusing dynamism and comfort level

Further, after analyzing the plastic, it is sorted and then cleared on the basis of usability at par. This is an very essential process because it reflects the comfortability of the shoes and their color quality. Once cleared, all the nozzles and cap of the plastic bottles are heated and steamed under pressure to remove out the labels and clean all the bottles right before turning up to the second phase.

Promoted into a shredded machine for equitable shape and structure at large

Once the plastic is cleared, it is further sent into a shredding machine. Here, the plastic is finely cut and sized to give shape to the shoes. It is again passed through the conveyor belts to maintain the value of plastic at the helm. This recycled plastic is then soaked and dried and then reinforced with the input element for next stage of processing.

Supports the uniform art of producing and manufacturing the materials

These shredded scales are further torn into bits so that they look equal to the pellets of recycled plastics. It is intended for the purpose of manufacturing same and uniform material down the lane to attain longevity at large.

Severs effectively in melting and sealing with holes for interwoven effect

After that, when these pellets of plastic are melted, they are further mined and pulled out with the help of small and tiny holes inside the same so that it facilitates easy woven and lacing of shoes at large. It is all covered and implemented with a rightful application of science.

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